We are pleased to formally announce that:

Interpro Software has been acquired by KodaSoft Ltd.

Bespoke Software and Plug-and-play Solutions

We are now pleased to formally announce the sale of Interpro Software Development Ltd to Kodasoft Ltd as at 31st October 2023.

The sale is effectively via a management buyout by Shaun Hall who has been leading the Software Development Team at Interpro Software, but who now owns and runs Kodasoft Ltd. The move should improve software service and capability to customers through further investment in an expanded team.

The sale includes the transfer of all of software assets previously created and supplied under Interpro Software as well as the InterWaste Software system which will be rebranded in due course.

Interpro (Technology Solutions) shall still supply hosting services to Kodasoft but please note that all future invoices relating to software support and hosting services will now come directly from Kodasoft  Any invoices previously sent out via Interpro in recent months will still need to be settled with Interpro.

Should you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact KodaSoft for more information.