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Content Management System Websites

The Easy Way to Gain Control of Your Website

A Content Management System (CMS) is designed to enable a user with any level of skill to make updates and easily add content to their own websites. Interpro specialise in in producing CMS websites that are beneficial for search engines and encourage an increased amount of rich web content.

Here are some of the key features and advantages of using a CMS system – remember, it’s all designed to allow you to make the changes yourself! Of course, Interpro are always on hand to provide technical support should you need it.

Why Choose a Content Management Website?

One of the main reasons companies choose to have a content managed website is due to their ability to edit their site and make regular updates without the expense of a website designer to make these changes for them. News articles, gallery additions and wording changes are all examples of website amendments which can all be done in-house with a small amount of website knowledge.

When purchasing a content management website through Interpro, you are eligible for training on your site on how to complete these tasks along with written instructions for you to take away. We are always on hand if you need any large amendments done on the site, you need additional help or if something goes wrong – you’re not on your own.

Plugin and theme updates can be arranged to be done within your monthly IT Support on-site hours if you have a contract with us, which will also keep your website maintenance fees down.

Please contact us by phone on 01329 556226, use our Live Chat facility or send us a message for further information.

Content Management System Website Features

Add new pages

Add news and articles

Change the look

Cross marketing


Search facility

Secure Areas


Upgrades and Plugins

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