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QinetiQ Appoint Interpro Technology

QinetiQ Appoint Interpro Technology
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QinetiQ Appoint Interpro Technology

Interpro Technology - QinetiQ Appoint Interpro for Royal Navy - IT Support Hampshire Portsmouth Fareham Southampton

Leading British defence company, QinetiQ, has appointed Interpro Technology Solutions to provide support and system maintenance for a new training and simulation environment for the Royal Navy. The weapons training system allows the delivery of individual, collective and continuation training in the use of close range weapons in a highly configurable and realistic environment. The project includes a combination of QinetiQ’s software with VBS2 (Virtual Battlespace 2) that creates a 3D virtual environment that is used with adapted ship mounted weapons to deliver a very realistic training experience.

Mark Abrams, Managing Director of Interpro Technology said:

“This is a very high profile, milestone project for Interpro and we are very pleased to have been awarded the contract. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with QinetiQ who are a major leader in the defence sector and look forward to working with some leading edge technology.”

Interpro will be responsible for providing all system maintenance, user support and configuration management for the project.

For more information, please see War games teach sailors the combat basics article from The Portsmouth News.